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Lycanlover November 25, 2009 User blog:Lycanlover

this isn't really a fan fiction but it is related to the theme in some ways and i am just looking for some feed back plz.

..... I turned to daisuke and shoved him aganist the wall using enough force to only shake him up . the wall shook with the impact, asmall crack appearring behind his head. i let go and backed up slowly as he brushed the dust off his clothes. he looked at me playfully smiling." imperssive. been working out?"

he moved to touch me but i moed away."oh come on ali. you know i was playing."

"no i didn't!"  i turned on him fangs beared and all. " you were going to bite her!" i growled through my teeth it was very hard to get me angry especially if you were daisuke. >>>>

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