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Yue: a new story

since i don't have youtube (I KNOW!!!) i am going to do this story=telling style:


Yue was sleeping soundly as usual on his little cloud.

But what's that behind Yue?

It's headed for the moon!

It's gone...


Yue looked over at the moon.

"Moon go boom-boom."



Yue tried to sleep.

But then the phone rang.

Yue picked it up.

It was Shoppy.

"I got this new phone! it has-"

Yue fell asleep.

"Yue? YUE!!!?"


Yue went down the stairs.

Yue was thirsty.

Yue opened the fridge.

Yue got out the milk.

Yue got out a frying pan.

Yue waited.

Yue sipped the warm milk.

Yue looked strange.

Yue puked in the toilet.



HAHAHA!!! is that as funny as i think it is?

Xoxo Luna, your little freak-girl!

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