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so i'm guessing there are about a third of people who know what "Twilight" now means and hates it.

Then there's us...

We defend it.

We live it.

We would die for a ticket to the premiere of the movies.

We are the twi-peeps.

So why do others hate it?

  1. "vampires don't sparkle."
  2. "vampires suck."
  3. "twilight just sucks."

but here's what they mean:

  1. "i didn't read it."
  2. "i don't like vampires."
  3. "i don't like the story, jacob should be with bella."
  4. "i don't likem love stories."
  5. "no, they really don't sparkle!"

so that is what i think, but what do they really think?

well that's where you haters come in!

if you users no someone then ask them to comment please!

maybe we can help them come over to the sparkley side!

and if not then it's their fault...

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