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Sniper fear

LunaBella February 16, 2010 User blog:LunaBella

this is an original thingy, it may not be in my book when i'm done but i don't have anything new to post yet so here it gos...


That thought ran through my head all night...that and the fact that if i tried to go pee i could get shot by a sniper.


i screamed and threw a flimzzy bat at the voice.

"Ow! it's just me, the person that saved your life!"

"Angel, you jerk!"

"nice way of repaying me by the way."

"shut up! i can't sleep."

"same here; i can't stand the thought of waking up to a bloody couch and corpse."

"was that pay-back for hitting you?"

"yes! and no."

he walked over and sat down next to me.

i leaned against him and fell asleep in his arms.

i woke up to the Wii's dinging sound and Emmie's cries of war against the CPU's.

"where's Angel?" i moaned.

"he wen't to get more dye." he answered.


spoiler if i didn't allready reveal this...but Angel has blonde hair!

he dyes it black once a week because it fades away compleatlly in 7 days! plus the color of his hair efects his additude! (but that has nothing to do with his vampyrism.)

LunaBella 20:31, February 16, 2010 (UTC)

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