i'm sorry it's been a little bit! (atleast it feels like it...) but here is where my main character starts narrating! (i like to make a supporting one do the intro.)


it all started on a "normal" winter-wensday...

"hi-i!" i screamed once i was in the front door.

"how was mahnattan, honey?" my dad asked from the kitchen.

"'s all right! but i lost my key; thank God i made a spare."

i started clicking my tounge.

then i tripped on the strap of a suitcase and fell into the lap of the most handsome guy in the universe.

"hi." he said to me.

"wow." was all i could spit out.

"are you ok?" he laughed.

i relized i was in his lap and stuttered:

"i'm sorry."

i tried to get up, but he pulled me back and said:

"wait! just, stay; i wanna get to know you."


i love posting for you guys!

LunaBella 06:02, February 10, 2010 (UTC)

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