well...most of the people i know allready know about my blogs and how i'm writing a book, but i need more help.

basicly, i started in the begining of January 2010 (that'll make more since in the future.) and so far i've gotten very, very far along with this because everything has and still is swirling around in my head; i'm almost to the part where i have either one whole large novel (which will probabley be as big as meyers page-wise!) or a series of smaller books (e.i. ellen schrieber's vampire kisses) but either way i'm very close to having either and if anyone out there would like to comment on my blog peices or suggest a publisher that may actually look at my book(s) PLEASE, i need your help.

you can comment down below or if you'd rather my talkpage -> LunaBella 07:53, February 18, 2010 (UTC) this means the world to a small town girl like me.

to everyone who has helped over this last month thanx, you gave me the courage to continue with what seemed like a pipedream at first.

i love you all!

again, thank you. >(* v *)< Luna Maxwell

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