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EXs, BFs, all that jazz... OR: a real life Bella story

so i have a Bella situation =O i know, who woulda though TWO GUYS could like ONE GIRL!? =P hello, 7 billion people in the world.

So first let's start with an ex i hate so much he's making my life hell, his name won't be reavled-( TheLunarEclipse ) but he's making me life a living HELL! so how do you deal with someone like this without SNAPPING everytime you run into him? (which is every other day >=| )

the second part is i have two guys that like me i don't know how i feel TRULY for either but i'm in love with a wholenother guy =P help?

you'd think this is what every girl wants but it's m ore like "oh, ####! what do i do now!?" so if you were in my/Bella's sitcuation what would you do? thanks.


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