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Colored people: an Alice tale (Not humans.)

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this is a new story/bio thingy...


I was running along the stream to play at my little tea house like i always did, but i tripped and hurt my head.

It started bleeding.

I got up and looked around, there was a little man standing by the tree.


He saw me and ran faster than i've seen a rat move.

I ran after him to see where he goes.

I saw a big house the size of my doctor's house.

It looked like my tea house.

"Hello?" i yelled.

"Hi." a small voice said.

I saw a little Pink man wave sheepishly at me.

"You have to leave!" he whispered.


"The Blues and the Greens...they're eating the cherry blossoms!"


Then i felt like i was being pulled out of a dream.

I saw my dad in the clouds.

"Oh, thank God! you're safe!"

I looked around to see the woods again.

"Where's the Pink man?"

"We need to get you to a hospital."


I thought i would take my weird "Blue people" and make them another reason Alice was in a mental hospital.

Hope you liked!


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