Hey! so...i'm going to write off the top of me head because...i got squat.

"She carries death!"

They screamed.

I walked away from their truth.

It's only the truth for one reason:

We all carry it...

"Want your bad romance!"

i walked into the club looking for my secret lover.

i looked down at the note to check.

I want you to meet me at the Plaza Dancefloor. 12:30.5. or else i'll expose you...

"I want your love and all your lover's revenge-" i sang along.

Then i felt a tug on my cape.

I turned to see a man in black. Completely.

"You are not from Ireland?"


we walked out of the noisy club and to his car.

"You are taking me-"

"To your father."


"He misses you."

"He should of thought of that when he said to leave!"

He started the car anyway and drove to my father's mansion.

"I am not leaving this car if you are taking me there."

"You don't have to."

"He's not entering either!"

"He's not."

I awoke in chains, bound to the seat i was sitting in last night.


"Or what?" the man from last night said.

"Or i call my B******."

he walked away as my father ran out past him.

"Do not come in, or Tatiana will find you!" i screamed.

"I won't; but why do you make me go to such lengths to find you?"


There you go. you want more? sorry, but this is it for now.

I will attemp to write more Vampyre Princess later though.

Fret not, for the watched pot shalt never boil! (Hey, at least i dumped that jerk announcer!)

xoxo Luna.

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