let me just guys annoy the #### outta me!!! you always assume no one knows it's you when you start a pep rally and reply to yourselves like there are millions of you and you keep commenting like "He's sooo hot" "hot" "hot" you keep totally taking advantinge of the comment section! it's for just commenting one tiny bit. (espicially when you go to Edward's page, i mean i have a bunch of TE friends but you guys make it so hard to not get mad and write a responce!!!)

and as for the one who keeps going like "hey, hello? people? bella and edward blah blah blah" all of that annoying repeating, YOU ANNOY ME THE MOST!!!

sorry, but i just have to blow of some steam through this, i'll try not to go off again but i had to do this.
go ahead and yell at me now, but i know that it's not just me who's mad, so go a head.

i DARE you.

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