before i start i just wanna say thanx! when you guys post about how much you love these it inspires me to write more and write faster and hopefully in the near future i'll get this published! and i'm mentioning all of you guys just because! i love you and thanx!


I sat on the edge of the waterfall thinking:

"what. why. when. where. how."


"huh?" (there's a new one to add)


"Ash? i thought you and Anna-"

"she's nothing compared to you!"

then he grabbed my face and started sucking on it.

when he finally let go i gasped for two reasons:

1. because i couldn't breathe.

and 2. Angel saw us.

"Angel." i said.

"hey Lizzy, hey...Ashley." he smirked.


"no, actualy that is my name." he blushed.

"oh, but still! Angel, that's mean!"

"ri-ight. well 'ash', i don't like you dating my sister, my girlfriend, my mom, aunts, not even if you were gay!"



"don't yell at her!"

"or what!?"

"or she'll lose all respect for you!"

"listen to him or his statment becomes a prediction." i said.

"he was sucking on your face!"

"so? it was heat of passion; i love her!"

"i love her more!"

"i hate you both!"

i jumped off the ledge and into the water to get away from them.

Angel ran down to see if i was okay; he hadn't been here before, he didn't understand why i would jump.

Ash jumped in after me.


"i'm fine Angel, wet, but fine." i mumbled.

i started taking my outer clothes off so i wouldn't drown.

Ash did the same.

"what, you gonna have sex in there?" Angel asked, furious.

"you drown if you don't strip, dude." Ash stated.

"get out!"

"or what?" i asked.

"or i shoot him."

he pulled out a gun and aimed it at Ash.

"no! Angel, you promised!" i cried.

Ash ducted under the water as i made my way towards the shore.

i pulled the gun away from him.

"this isn't even a real gun! what's the matter with you!?" i cried.

i threw the fake gun down by the water and ran off.

the last thing i heard was Ash gasp for air.


ooh! scary! thank God it was a fake gun!

  • LunaBella is the nickname that Ash's little sister had come up with because she thought that the two would make a great couple.

LunaBella 08:07, February 13, 2010 (UTC)

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