I figured I'd put this in a central location so we don't have any miscommunication and so we don't have to so much back and forth on talk pages. And to designate out assignments. I feel like some office administrator, lol. And to any user doesn't know what I'm talking about refer to Xean's blog post.

  • Me: Random lists for the time being
  • Puddinginthesky - Bella lists
  • Kirby Phelps - Jacob lists
  • Xean - The "other" section of top ten lists
  • Ngebendi - Jasper, Alice, Cullen, and movie lists
  • BlondieEllie - Rosalie, Jane, Werewolves, and Emmett

In case nobody noticed there is a link up top for the new top ten lists. A thing I've been doing on all the lists -- umm.... 2 -- is to put the new link to the top ten list page on the comment section of the old top ten list.

Okay, now that I have time I'll get to doing more lists.

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