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From the poor box office showing this week, I'd imagine not many are familiar with the movie -- or the book and foreign film it is made from. A shame really -- the book and both movies are quite good. Now of course the movie are rated R for a reason. The movie is very dark and the source material throws in some themes and situations I'm not going to mention.

Short plot info: A socially awkward boy, bullied at school and lonely at home gets a new neighbor. The two become fast friends, but he soon realizes she's no normal girl.

The American remake is even better than the Swedish version in my opinion. Like I said it's very dark and even I was shocked at one death. I knew it was coming, but the way they didn't shy away from it was the surprising part. It's a very unconventional love story and the young actors are quite good. Now, I know most users on here are probably not R rated viewing age. But if you are the viewing age or mature enough to handle it, I'd highly recommend seeing it.

I'll even say it -- I liked this movie more than Eclipse. 22px-SMirC-goggle.svg.png

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