Bad in the sense, that every time Jacob or Edward comes on the screen there is so much screaming I can't hear dialogue? I'm sure I'm over generalizing here, but I'm curious. I've never seen a Twilight movie the weekend it came out. I saw Twilight at home, and the subsequent sequels the next weekend. By that point the massive crowds had died down considerably, and there were only the random muffled squeals of respective Team Eddie and Jake fans.

The reason I'm writing this blog -- and my first in almost a year -- is that I've been asked to go to the BD Part I Friday night premiere. "Asked" is probably a kinder word than what was conveyed to me by my girlfriend, lol. She's a Twilight fan and really wants to see the wedding and honeymoon portion. For myself, this movie is the one I'm least looking forward to. So my question is, are the premieres really crazy or I'm just completely wrong about screaming non-stop?

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