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Especially since my AC has gone out. With the fans going in my place it's bearable until it gets cooler for me to open the windows tonight. Right now it's 82 degrees in my place -- sames as the outside temperature. Current Seattle weather... 61 degrees. Now that's the stuff. With the temperature tomorrow topping out at 99 degrees, I won't be in my house, lol.

The problem is I always run warm. Cold weather suits me just fine. I definitely wasn't made for the weather here. Although I can bear it, the near constant rain of western Washington is more to my liking. I have cousins in Seattle and I've spent time in all the seasons there. Rain down here in the South more times than not is thunderstorms and if you are real lucky tornadoes. I've been fairly close to two of them and one that missed my parent's house by about 200 yards. And the humidity that comes with being in the South isn't lessened by the rain... the rain actually makes it worse.

In the last month it didn't rain for two weeks, rained for one day and hasn't rained again in two weeks since. Yep, even with my AC going I would still prefer the weather of Forks.

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