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  • LuckyTimothy

    Especially since my AC has gone out. With the fans going in my place it's bearable until it gets cooler for me to open the windows tonight. Right now it's 82 degrees in my place -- sames as the outside temperature. Current Seattle weather... 61 degrees. Now that's the stuff. With the temperature tomorrow topping out at 99 degrees, I won't be in my house, lol.

    The problem is I always run warm. Cold weather suits me just fine. I definitely wasn't made for the weather here. Although I can bear it, the near constant rain of western Washington is more to my liking. I have cousins in Seattle and I've spent time in all the seasons there. Rain down here in the South more times than not is thunderstorms and if you are real lucky tornadoes. I've been…

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  • LuckyTimothy

    I know there are quite a few fans of the Hunger Games on this wiki. I ask because I'm debating reading the first book in the trilogy and then moving on to it's subsequent sequels. I first heard all the hub-bub about the series last year when it was announced who would be portraying Katniss. A quick glance on Wikipedia to get a quick synopsis kind of intrigued me. But reading further it seemed a blatant rip-off of the supreme "Battle Royale" novel and then with the last line along the lines of whether "choosing between humanity or love" pretty much turned me off to the series. I later found out the author had never even heard of "Battle Royale" and the idea of a televised death match isn't exactly a revolutionary idea.

    I'm pretty much done w…

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  • LuckyTimothy

    Bad in the sense, that every time Jacob or Edward comes on the screen there is so much screaming I can't hear dialogue? I'm sure I'm over generalizing here, but I'm curious. I've never seen a Twilight movie the weekend it came out. I saw Twilight at home, and the subsequent sequels the next weekend. By that point the massive crowds had died down considerably, and there were only the random muffled squeals of respective Team Eddie and Jake fans.

    The reason I'm writing this blog -- and my first in almost a year -- is that I've been asked to go to the BD Part I Friday night premiere. "Asked" is probably a kinder word than what was conveyed to me by my girlfriend, lol. She's a Twilight fan and really wants to see the wedding and honeymoon porti…

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  • LuckyTimothy

    In this day and age of easily manipulated photos, I'm skeptical of most images on the Interwebz. The image isn't too big for me to get out my magnifying glass and check each pixel -- so I guess this girl is Taylor's doppelganger for the most part... weird.

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  • LuckyTimothy

    Top Ten List Project

    October 25, 2010 by LuckyTimothy

    I figured I'd put this in a central location so we don't have any miscommunication and so we don't have to so much back and forth on talk pages. And to designate out assignments. I feel like some office administrator, lol. And to any user doesn't know what I'm talking about refer to Xean's blog post.

    • Me: Random lists for the time being
    • Puddinginthesky - Bella lists
    • Kirby Phelps - Jacob lists
    • Xean - The "other" section of top ten lists
    • Ngebendi - Jasper, Alice, Cullen, and movie lists
    • BlondieEllie - Rosalie, Jane, Werewolves, and Emmett

    In case nobody noticed there is a link up top for the new top ten lists. A thing I've been doing on all the lists -- umm.... 2 -- is to put the new link to the top ten list page on the comment section of the old to…

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