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    So, I was gonna post Chapter 5, but I was busy on my home wikia. So im not posting Chapter 5 until you guys vote on what you want to see in the fanfic. So hurry! (If you want chapter 5).

    Tell us your thoughts In the comments!!

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  • LovelyChrys

    I know I was jealous about THG and I saw the movie, and I LOVE IT!

    So Im making a fanfic about the Hunger games. Does anyone want to be in it. Check the roster and Sign up in the comments.

    Post this in the comments or on my talk page:






    DOB: If you want

    Back Story:


    Physical Description:

    So get back to me!

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  • LovelyChrys

    Deidara was first to curtsy and say a polite "Hello."

    "Hello, Deidara." A man with blond hair said. "Nate, Savannah and Si-" The blond one, who was apparently the leader, just a Deidara, was cut off.

    "Sinaed!?" I girl's voice asked, surprisingly. She had long bronze hair, and when I sniffed I smelled a hybrid.

    "Renesmee?!" Sinaed ran to Renesmee and hugged her. The two where probably best friends, since they were alike.

    "I've missed you." Sinaed said, this was the first time she was really happy. "I'm Carlisle Cullen" The blond one continued, but this time he was talking to me. "This is Esme, my wife, and Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Bella, Renesmee, Edward and Rosalie." He was so compassionate when he talked about his family.

    "Well come on in and Al…

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  • LovelyChrys

    Here's the fourth about Chrys who is abducted and turn a vamp by Deidara, A fisty coven leader. Now the go see the Cullens for wisdom about the Volturi. This chapter is two years after Chapter 3.

    Previous chapters: Chapters 1, 2 and 3

    Two years. That's how long I've been in Deidara's coven. I'm bored. I need something new and from what I'm seeing there is nothing but Nate and Savannah loving each other. Not that I'm complaining. But I want a mate! Sinead is really fun but I feel like I never should have been here. I know that Deidara pick me and the others because of our gifts: My agility,-which is somehow a special gift- and Nate's power to view other people's actions and whereabouts. Savannah also has a similar gift a Deidara's.

    "Where are …

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  • LovelyChrys

    Here's the first three chapters, about Chrys who is abducted and turn a vamp by Deidara, A fisty coven leader.

    I remember it perfectly... It was a spring night (2012 of March). I was coming from my gymnastics show and going home. As I walked my long Light Brown hair bounced. The way I thought it was I was going to be late. 9:00 o'clock a near by store's clock read. Damn! I thought. Mom was going to kill me.

    As I passed the markets and food restaurants I thought I would get some pizza. After I had eaten, I left the store since I figured it was 9:30. When I was about to start my walk again I bumped into something. Hard. Cold. I looked up to see a tall woman (whose at least 5'8) with dark-brown hair peering down at me. She was one of the most b…

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