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October 9, 2011
  • My occupation is Lovely
  • I am Flawless
  • LovelyChrys

    Hey, boo!

    As you know, if this wikia was a show I was one of the series regular....

    But lately I felt like a minor character...

    So I am trying this new thing where on all of my favorite Wikias, I try

    to be more efficient and I call this little efficiency journy: LovelyChrys-Rebuilt

    I'll be showing a more sexier side of me!

    So I hope you like it ( )!


    P.S.: Did Slender Man ever get those 20 dollars!?

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  • LovelyChrys

    Hey guys! It's the Loveliest Chrys around! Well anyways I'm posting this blog because this wiki is one of my favorites, but I know some people: editors and trolls alike, have something to say so.... if you have a comment, complaint or just something nice to say about me or this wikia: PLEASE COMMENT!

    Your Boo, Chrys!


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  • LovelyChrys

    I need someone to make a Wordmark for me! I reeaallllyyy need it. If you can make it, contact me and I'll tell you what a want.


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  • LovelyChrys

    Love TRUE BLOOD??

    July 10, 2012 by LovelyChrys

    Hey! I wanted to know, have you ever watched True Blood? And fell in love with Pam? Well currently me and QueenBuffy, a couniler on this wikia, are testing it out. Most of the pages are under construction.

    I am an admin there, and I wanted to know when the construction on the site is done....... will you join? We are in need of users! So come when the wiki is officaly opened.... I will leave another blog here when it is done....... So here is the link


    P.S.: If you edit there I am, under the policy, gonna have to block you for at least a week, or whenever the site is published.................

    So tell me your thoughts, in the comments!!!

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  • LovelyChrys

    Well I hope you guys enjoy! I found a pic Tweeted by Judi aka Zafrina. And it looks the the battle field of BD- part 2, you can see snow on the fround (also I guess it is snow on the ground, so it is valid that this is a place from the books!). And I think it is Alec using his power, so if I see this on his page, it is thanks to me! So anyway here it is:

    So tell me your thoughts!! (Before Dee deletes the commenting)

    Also I have a pic of Vladmir on set!

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