Deidara's Coven:

  • Deidara: Coven leader and No special abilites. Human blood drinker
  • Chrystina: Newest member newborn, Telekinesis and enchaned agility, Human blood drinker
  • Savannah: Second in comand; Mate: Nate, Enchaned love and Faboulsness, Sinead's mom, Human blood drinker
  • Nate: Savannah's mate, Personal view, Sinead's father, Human blood drinker
  • Sinead: Immortal child of Nate and Savannah; Molecular Immobilization
  • Bob: Future Member; Self Flesh Manipulation; No mate; Human Blood drinker


  • Anna: Immortal child; 10 years old; Human blood Drinker
  • Scott: Future mind reading; Kimberly's mate; Animal Blood Drinker
  • Lauren: Scott's mate; Mental Shield; Animal Blood drinker

New Volturi Members

  • Casey: New member of the coven mate of Demetri; Physical damage; Human blood drinker

Fred's Coven

  • "Freaky" Fred: Coven Leader: Physical repulsion; Jessica's mate, Human Blood drinker
  • Jessica De`-Violoce Jarcost: Hydrokinesis/Cryokinesis; Fred's mate; Human Blood Drinker

Kieran's Coven

  • Kieran: Coven leader; no special power; Lee's twin brother; Animal Blood Drinker
  • Lee: Weather control; Kieran's twin sister; Animal Blood Drinker
  • Alicia: Mental repulsion; No mate; Animal Blood drinker

  • Note: there is more room and the Cullens, Wolves and the Volturi will make an appereance.


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