Recently on The Three Musketeers, Josh got bitten by Emily. Will he survive? Note: This is Harry's point of view! And this chapter is also based on the time Riley was a vampire and alive. Lets find out:

I gasped. I ran upstairs, and on the floor, was Josh, with blood on his neck, dripping. "He'll survive! I know he will..." said Jodi. At night, all the guests left, and the ambulance came. We had to make up something. "How did this happen?" asked the nurse. "Erm...someone.....uhh....stapped him! Yes! In the....erm...neck" said Emily. "Okay" said the nurse, smirking. The nurse did CPR, and he woke up....with RED EYES! The nurse screamed and tripped, and fell down the stairs. Josh ran down the stairs and grabbed the nurse, and drank her blood. I joined Josh along with Emily, Francesca and Ross and we drank her blood. Jodi ran downstairs and opened the door to see if anyone was watching or looking. I ran outside and disappeared into the woods, and I saw a young girl crying. I could hear Josh yelling. "Where is Harry!? Crap..." he said looking worried. The girl looked at me, with her GOLDEN EYES...she was a vampire. "What's wrong?" I asked. "My boyfriend got Riley..." she cried. "Who's Riley?" I asked. "A furious vampire, who's trying to kill everyone. Every human, child, other vampires..." she said looking sad. "I'm sorry! I'll help you out! I am Harry" I said happily. "Thank you! Thank you so much, thanks! I am Kaytlin" she smiled. "Cool name!" I said happily. I heard a crack in the woods, and a furious vampire came running towards us. "HOLY CRAP!! THAT'S RILEY!! OH FUCK......" she screamed. We ran for our lives, but Riley came after us....

Will Harry and Kaytlin ever survive? Find out in chapter 6!

Note: If you have a problem with the swearing part, comment and ask me to erase it, and I will gladly accept it.


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