Hey! Recently on The Three Musketeers, Harry and Jodi have been turned into vampires! Note: This is from Harry's point of view! What will happen next? Let's find out:

I stared out of the glass window, and smashed it. I helped Jodi out, and they all stared at us. Emily smiled, and she was glad we were vampires too! We had pure-red eyes, and we stared at everyone. We were carnivore vampires, and we looked at all of the human's skins. They ran away, and Jodi managed to capture one. We shared the blood, and drank it, along with Francesca and Ross. At night, me and Francesca were talking. We kept smiling at each other, and we kissed. "That is a beautiful moon!" Francesca pointed out. "Not as beautiful as you." I smiled. She touched her lips onto mine, and we couldn't stop. But with all of a sudden, Ross walked in. "Hey guys! What are you.......?" he gasped. Francesca stopped kissing me. "Erm....I'll see you later!" she said. "Bye!" I said happily. She walked off with Ross. Ross looked angry with me and Francesca. Emily sent a letter to the Volturi, saying:

"Dear Volturi,

I'm Emily Burns. I am a carnivore vampire, and I would like to start my own coven along with my friends: Jodi Williamson and Harry Fields. I would like it to be called The Three Musketeers Coven. I hope you gladly accept this!


Emily Burns."

Then, the Volturi said yes to this. We jumped with joy. Ross came in. "Can I be in your coven?" he asked. "Nope! This is only for three people, because it's called The Three Musketeers!!" said Emily. "Okay then..." he walked off. I kissed Jodi. But then, Francesca walked in and saw. She gasped.

Chapter 4 is out soon!


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