Hey guys! Recently on The Three Musketeers, Harry and Jodi have been attacked by two red-eyed vampires....are they dead? Let's find out:

I fell onto the floor, and blood was coming out of my neck, and so was Jodi's. I thought this was the end of my life. I knew I shouldn't of let Emily, Francesca and Ross bring me into the vampire world! I closed my eyes, I was half-dead. I didn't move, I didn't breathe, and I didn't talk. Francesca came up to me, and Emily went up to Jodi. They called for help, and a "vampire doctor" came. Suddenly, a human named Georgina just got attacked by the same vampires who bit me and Jodi, and fell to the ground too. Ross went up to her. But sadly, Georgina died. It was worse then when me and Jodi got bit, and it caused her to end her life. The day after that, Emily, Francesca, the vampire doctor, Ross, a human named Naomi, and a vampire named Ariana put me and Jodi in a glass coffin, so you could see our bodies. They thought we were dead, and Emily kept crying. So did Francesca and Ross. Then, they had a funeral, for me and Jodi. I could fell something next to me, like a window. I moved once. One of my cousins, May, came to the funeral. She looked at my body in the glass coffin, and cried. But then, I opened my red-eyes, and she gasped. She screamed, and ran off. Emily and the vampire doctor looked confused, and Ross looked at Jodi in the coffin. Suddenly, she opened her newborn vampire eyes too. All the guests at the funeral gasped....


Chapter 3 will be out soon! Thanks for reading!


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