Hey everyone! I'm starting a fanfic called The Three Musketeers. This is from Harry's point of view, enjoy!





The Volturi

Alexander (From Chapter 5)



I stared outside, to see Ross playing with Francesca. They were getting along. But in the past, they were enemies. Jodi was looking out for the Volturi, because we were expecting them. Emily had just turned into a newborn vampire, so we needed to look after her. But afterall, me and Jodi were humans. Ross looked to the side, and walking on the pathway, was only Jane, Aro, Marcus, Caius and Alec, from the Volturi. Me, Emily, and Jodi stepped outside. Francesca and Ross ran for it, but Marcus said they had to stay here, since they were vampires too. "Hello, young Emily. What is your perpetual age?" asked Jane. "Erm....nine" replied Emily. The Volturi laughed, and Emily looked furious at them. "And how old are you, Harry and Jodi, Emily's friends?" she asked again. "Same age" I replied. They laughed again. We looked furious as well. "How can a young weak human be furious to a deadly vampire?" laughed Caius. "WE ARE NOT WEAK!!!" I shouted angrily. "Ohh...shouty-mouth! One more, and your blood will be inside me!" said Aro furiously. I looked scared, and so did Jodi. Then, for fifteen-minutes, they talked to Emily, and she had to sign a contract saying: "I will be in the West Coven." because Emily made her own coven, named the West Coven. But then, two thirsty red-eyed vampires looked at me and Jodi, and grabbed us. I closed my eyes.

That was Chapter 1! Chapter 2 will be out soon.


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