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  • LizardMaster178

    Recently on The Three Musketeers, Josh got bitten by Emily. Will he survive? Note: This is Harry's point of view! And this chapter is also based on the time Riley was a vampire and alive. Lets find out:

    I gasped. I ran upstairs, and on the floor, was Josh, with blood on his neck, dripping. "He'll survive! I know he will..." said Jodi. At night, all the guests left, and the ambulance came. We had to make up something. "How did this happen?" asked the nurse. "Erm...someone.....uhh....stapped him! Yes! In the....erm...neck" said Emily. "Okay" said the nurse, smirking. The nurse did CPR, and he woke up....with RED EYES! The nurse screamed and tripped, and fell down the stairs. Josh ran down the stairs and grabbed the nurse, and drank her blood. I j…

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  • LizardMaster178

    Hi everyone! Recently on The Three Musketeers, Emily has made her own coven along with Harry and Jodi. Harry kissed Francesca, but he kissed Jodi too when Francesca saw! Note: This is Harry's point of view. What will Francesca do? Let's find out:

    I stopped kissing Jodi, and turned to see Francesca looking at me. She cried, and ran to Ross. I heard her saying to Ross: "You was right Ross! He isn't good enough for me! I deserve being with you!" she said smiling. They kissed, and I looked jealous. But after all, I am with Jodi. Emily is with some human called Josh. She saw Josh, and ran up to him. "Hey Joshy!" she smiled. They kissed as well, and me and Jodi looked around. We kissed too. A human named Carlie came in and saw all of us kissing. "Wow…

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  • LizardMaster178

    Hey! Recently on The Three Musketeers, Harry and Jodi have been turned into vampires! Note: This is from Harry's point of view! What will happen next? Let's find out:

    I stared out of the glass window, and smashed it. I helped Jodi out, and they all stared at us. Emily smiled, and she was glad we were vampires too! We had pure-red eyes, and we stared at everyone. We were carnivore vampires, and we looked at all of the human's skins. They ran away, and Jodi managed to capture one. We shared the blood, and drank it, along with Francesca and Ross. At night, me and Francesca were talking. We kept smiling at each other, and we kissed. "That is a beautiful moon!" Francesca pointed out. "Not as beautiful as you." I smiled. She touched her lips onto min…

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  • LizardMaster178

    Hey guys! Recently on The Three Musketeers, Harry and Jodi have been attacked by two red-eyed vampires....are they dead? Let's find out:

    I fell onto the floor, and blood was coming out of my neck, and so was Jodi's. I thought this was the end of my life. I knew I shouldn't of let Emily, Francesca and Ross bring me into the vampire world! I closed my eyes, I was half-dead. I didn't move, I didn't breathe, and I didn't talk. Francesca came up to me, and Emily went up to Jodi. They called for help, and a "vampire doctor" came. Suddenly, a human named Georgina just got attacked by the same vampires who bit me and Jodi, and fell to the ground too. Ross went up to her. But sadly, Georgina died. It was worse then when me and Jodi got bit, and it cau…

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  • LizardMaster178

    Hey everyone! I'm starting a fanfic called The Three Musketeers. This is from Harry's point of view, enjoy!





    The Volturi

    Alexander (From Chapter 5)



    I stared outside, to see Ross playing with Francesca. They were getting along. But in the past, they were enemies. Jodi was looking out for the Volturi, because we were expecting them. Emily had just turned into a newborn vampire, so we needed to look after her. But afterall, me and Jodi were humans. Ross looked to the side, and walking on the pathway, was only Jane, Aro, Marcus, Caius and Alec, from the Volturi. Me, Emily, and Jodi stepped outside. Francesca and Ross ran for it, but Marcus said they had to stay here, since they were vampires too. "Hello, young Emi…

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