• Liza Anne

    This is Completely Freaky

    December 1, 2009 by Liza Anne

    I, of course, realize that this is a coincidence, but it's just too weird.

    I have more connections to the Twilight Saga than should be normal. Here they are.


    1. Bella (human Bella) and I are both clumsy and uncoordinated
    2. Bella's birthday is 3 days after my mom's and 7 days after mine
    3. Bella was changed on my mom's birthday (September 10th)
    4. Renesmee was born on my mom's birthday (September 10th)
    5. Emmett is from Tennessee, as am I
    6. Elizabeth Reaser (who plays Esme in the movies) and I have the same first and middle names [spelled the same way too (Elizabeth Ann)]
    7. New Moon's publication date was on my 14th birthday (September 6th)

    There are more, but you see where this is headed.

    As I said, I know it's coincidence, but it's still weird.

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