As first thank you for even bother to read this means a lot.

What the twilight saga thought me?

wel it thought me a few things i can forever hold in me.First with the case of belle being in a new place new school having to start again i been trew that andit was hard and i got trew it with friends and family that i got to know .Twlight has made me realise that life is full of mystery and secrets.Life is something big and wonderfull to explore.I learned in the eyes of Jacob Black that my true person which am destant to with is out there somewhere just have to be pasiont and wait in hope that someday i will meet this amazing person.And i felt Jacob's pain when he came to realize that the person he would do anything for doesnt love him the way he loves her, and it sad to say that somewhere in your life you have going trew this pain as wel.Edward he's this just normal by that love he's girlfriend so much that he would die for her even tough in this place we now call home boys arent like that anymore sadly .But this story gives me hope that if really want something and is willing to stay and fight for what i believe in i can get to where i was suppose to be all along and that just have to stumble here and there but i will come trew it feeling brave and strenght.And like bella never felt like she belonged anywhere.Its was all along ment to be ,that one day she would be diffrent be what she was destand to be and that s vampire.And i truely believe that sinds birth your future has been set just have to get there ,with some it takes a while but in the end the fighting for it the hoping will pay off .

and i'm safe to say that is was the books/movies thought me

-alexandra geerman

'so the lion feel in love with a lam

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