its been a long amazing 4 years that i had twlight in my life.But sadly it has ended, i will forever have a place in my heart for it .

As i rewatched all the movies ,reread 2 of the books again,i really got in to it ,in a way i have never had.I googled a lot i watched videos about the making of the movies ,behind the scence.. everything .I have been in my roo

m for 3 days and found out more about these amazing books and this beautifull creation of stephanie meyers.I have come to realize that i can never let this creation go i can never forget about it.This is something that will forever be in my life even we i become an adult.Its an amazing side of reality and fantasy.Reality about the human life and having a normal school day going to prom hanging out with friends ect.And apart from that there is this fantasy world no one knew about ,about werewolves and vampires. A world of amazemend and secrets and legions.It a

mazing to see that like we knew fantasy is the best but having reality in life is also good it only depens on how you make of it and how you created it .I know we all wished onces that "can i have this werewolf bo

Bella&Edward-555478 429621967081035 556763962 n

forever mates

yfriend or this vampire boyfrend' ...i know i sure did.But in are minds it looks like a great thing .But in your realilty of life you can make this fantasy your own like having an amazing romantic boyfriend like edward or having this c

aring would- do- anything- for -you boyfriend like jabob.People like this there is in the world fantasy can easly become reality ,just know that.

And i know this may seem pointless but i really do believe that i will someday find my mate like edward did... my fantasy will someday become reality

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