Hello!! :)

Yeah, if you don't know me I am Lily

So.....where can I start?

Twilight's ending....

After a brilliant 4 years!

Well, I am basically making this blog to say that Twilight has been something that all of us on this wiki have loved

And some worthless assholes hate on it

Well, they are haters who have no life

And Twilight has been special to all of us in some way

And even though it's about to end...

This ending feels like only the beginning

So what if people hate on it?

They are stupid nobodies who just need something to trash on to make us feel like shit about something that we love

And even though I have only been on this wiki for only this last movie, it still feels like I joined here when it all began

So.... no matter how many bitches hate on Twilight and even that it's ending.....all I have to say is.... Twilighters will ALWAYS matter!

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