I've read the "Breaking Dawn" Book. And I love it. I love the part of the confrontation. So I was excited to see that on movie. But what I've noticed in the trailer is that the Cullens and the Volturi fought each other which didn't really happen in the book. It says there that there had been a triangle wherein Aro, Caius, and Marcus communicate silently. But the Volturi guard remained standing in the line. They didn't run to fought the Cullens. Though they made ways to attack them. Jane inflicted Carlisle with her burning pain. And Alec used his Sense Deprivation. However, Bella quickly projected her mental shield before they attacked. So it is not effective. So. What I was imagining to happen in the movie is that they just stand there and wait for the Volturi's attacks. But it never happen. What happened was they ACTUALLY FOUGHT.

Also, it says in the book that Renesmee was still few months old but she can speak as a grown-up. But I was frustrated to see that Renesmee was as big as Mackenzie Foy. I thought the actress would be a baby girl or a HUMANLY CGI who speaks like a grown-up. I was quite frustrated with that.

What can you say about this? :))

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