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  • Lilly Cullen

    Hi, everyone. I found these two new wiki's and not a lot of people are on them! :( How sad! So, if you would like to support these new wikis, go make an edit or comment.

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  • Lilly Cullen

    Hello every one and I was wondering, what other wiki's, if any at all, do you belong to?

    I am on of course, Twilight wiki. Also i am on Vampire Diaires wiki, Gossip Girl wiki, Harry Potter wiki, Vampire wiki, and True Grit wiki.

    So please put your anwser in the comments. thanks! :) Lilly Cullen 19:41, March 11, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Lilly Cullen

    So big question people! What do you have for Twilight stuff? Name it ALL in the comments! Even the small things.

    My Twilight stuff:

    all the movies.

    all Stephanie Meyers books.

    an eclipse alice poster.

    a twilight edward poster.

    a new moon jacob poster.

    breaking dawn book cover poster.

    new moon soundtrack.

    5 team edward shirts.

    1 team jasper shirt.

    5 new moon movie shirts.

    bella's cullen crest ring.

    rosalie's neaklace.

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