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  • I live in New York
  • I was born on August 31
  • My occupation is Student, the Denali coven's human pet.
  • I am une fille fatale.
  • LavendaBrunette

    As most (if not, all) Twihards know, the official Breaking Dawn: Part 1 trailer is premiering tomorrow at 7pm EST on Yahoo! Movies. I'm extremely excited, and I'm sure all of you are too. So I decided to put together an extremely irrelevant, pointless list of what exactly I want to see in this trailer. If anyone agrees with me on this I'll be psyched.

    • Preggo Bella. I'm already positive that we'll be seeing some Bella in all her fat, pregnant glory in this trailer because we got to see a little baby-bump in the 19-second preview of the trailer that we got two days ago. But I want more! I want to see her stomach where that God-forsaken mutant spawn is eating Bella's insides. It sounds gross, yes, but you can't deny that you want to see it too.
    • M…
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  • LavendaBrunette

    So, in Twilight you did perfectly (except for Jasper, tbh). You got Edward's messy, bronze hair spot-on. You made Esme's hair caramel-colored and wavy. Alice actually looked like a pixie. Rosalie was drop-dead gorgeous. Emmett could have looked better, but he still looked awesome. Carlisle = HAWT. Jasper... umm, okay. The hair was a little odd but I lived with it.

    In New Moon, y'all did even better. In my opinion, Edward's hair was perfect (again), Rose looked even more gorgeous than before, etc. I was just disappointed that you made Alice's hair less pixie-like and you made Esme's hair straight. Isn't her hair supposed to be wavy?

    ' Eclipse is when it all started going downhill. Everyone looked "okay". My only specific ridicule is Esme's hair. …

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  • LavendaBrunette

    According to me and many other Twihards, Breaking Dawn is kind of, sort of a flop book. It made the series into the laughingstock it is today, to be quite honest. The plot is unrealistic, fluffy, disappointing, confusing, etc. And of course, the main reason for this is because Stephenie Meyer decided to create Renesmee, or as she will be referred to by me from now on, Re-name-me. Seriously, what kind of name is Renesmee? I should slap Bella across the face for thinking of that ghastly name, and I should also slap anyone who explicitly accepted/liked that name *cough* RosalieandCharlie *cough*. I honestly don't know why I'm so excited for the movie when I dislike the book so much... oh wait, because of the minor characters, who happen to be m…

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  • LavendaBrunette


    August 15, 2011 by LavendaBrunette

    I haven't been a Twihard for as long as some of you people have. Sure, I was always a fan but I never really divulged myself into the whole Twilight Saga until recently. So for those of you who have been around for a while, I have a question.

    Typically how many months/weeks/days before a movie in the Twilight Saga comes out is the official promotional photoshoot for the movie released?

    If you're not sure what I mean, I mean the promotional photos they take of all the Cullens, Quileutes and other characters seperately. For example, this picture of Carlisle from the official Eclipse photoshoot:

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  • LavendaBrunette

    Chapter Nine - There's No Place Like Home. Trust Me, I Would Know

    Kate's POV

    In their absence, Carmen and Eleazar had made certain to make frequent calls to Tanya, Garrett and I, informing us of the happenings in Volterra, how their hunt for vampire recruits was coming along, etcetera, etcetera. But it was their last call that both alarmed and relieved us.

    Carmen had called Tanya as she and Eleazar were waiting for their flight home and asked her to fetch Garrett and I so we could hear of the recent events. She then elaborately described to us how the newborns had secretly broken into the castle and attacked the guard. Their attempt to slaughter the entire Volturi was futile, though (at which point I said, "I should have come. I would have had …

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