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  • My occupation is Student, the Denali coven's human pet.
  • I am une fille fatale.
  • LavendaBrunette

    Chapter Eight - Happy Endings

    Aro's POV

    Hearing the wild cheers coming from the library, I knew that the army had been defeated and none of my beloved guard members had been slaughtered with them. I smiled and stood, Renata frantically "attaching" herself to my cloak as she realized where I planned on going, in case any newborns had managed to survive.

    I quickly stroked Renata's head and cooed, "There is nothing to fear, dear Renata."

    She gazed up at me with love-filled eyes, nodding slowly and saying, "But I must stay close by you nevertheless, master."

    "Of course," I replied, strolling down the hall toward the library doors. As I observed the doors, I noted that they were torn slightly off their hinges and briefly wondered how much damage had b…

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  • LavendaBrunette

    Chapter Seven - Frantic

    Eleazar's POV

    The newborns had broken in without a single warning, and I could not help but wonder how no one saw this coming.

    As I knew - as we all knew - the Volturi had overthrown the Romanian Coven by attacking their castle, destroying most of the vampires in their coven (leaving Stefan and Vladimir as the only survivors, perhaps as a warning to any other covens who had a desire to overthrow the Volturi), and then promptly burning down their castle. Since the Volturi is a large, gifted and mature coven, the only way to defeat them is with a group of especially strong vampires with two times the amount of people in the guard.

    Sixty two newborns, that is.

    The majority of the newborns who intruded and attacked were Egypti…

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  • LavendaBrunette

    Chapter Six - Return

    Carmen's POV

    Three weeks had come and gone so quickly that it was difficult for even me to comprehend.

    Eleazar had no luck finding especially gifted vampires who were willing to join the Volturi guard. Yes, we did find many vampires who harbored unique talents, but they refused to join us. Among the most special vampires we met was a Japanese female who could manipulate people to do her bidding - essentially, mind-control. But she refused, claiming that she could not trust people with so much power over our world. Perhaps it would have helped if Chelsea had come along with us…

    Eleazar and I also considered this a brief vacation for us, even though we did not have much time to relax and focus on each other. We were constantly…

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  • LavendaBrunette

    Chapter Five - The Final Decision

    Aro's POV

    I had sent Eleazar and Carmen out to search for gifted vampires to add to my "collection" two weeks ago, and I had begun to delve deep into my plans and organize everything into a well-developed mental timeline.

    Eleazar and Carmen would return in one week, and I would send Eleazar off to a meeting with the rest of the guard in order to inform him of our battle plans - whether he wished to go into battle or not. As Carmen would not be permitted to join the guard in battle, she would also not be permitted to join Eleazar at this meeting. From there, I would visit Carmen in the guest quarters (which is quite far from where the meeting would be held) and make her death as quick as possible. I would hate t…

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  • LavendaBrunette

    Chapter Four - This Seems Oddly Suspicious

    Felix's POV

    I could not help but follow Eleazar, Carmen and Demetri into the throne room. I (along with the rest of the guard) was extremely intrigued by the possible reason why Aro wanted Eleazar's assistance so desperately. After all, we had managed to remain powerful when Eleazar left the Volturi. There were other ways to find out what ability a vampire harbored without Eleazar's gift; ways which Aro demonstrated frequently. What could Aro possibly want that he did not already have?

    Aro stood and smiled widely, his fingers pressed together, gleefully greeting Carmen and Eleazar. "Ah! Carmen, Eleazar! My brothers and I are so delighted to see you both under much calmer circumstances."

    I assumed that h…

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