Chapter Five - The Final Decision

Aro's POV

I had sent Eleazar and Carmen out to search for gifted vampires to add to my "collection" two weeks ago, and I had begun to delve deep into my plans and organize everything into a well-developed mental timeline.

Eleazar and Carmen would return in one week, and I would send Eleazar off to a meeting with the rest of the guard in order to inform him of our battle plans - whether he wished to go into battle or not. As Carmen would not be permitted to join the guard in battle, she would also not be permitted to join Eleazar at this meeting. From there, I would visit Carmen in the guest quarters (which is quite far from where the meeting would be held) and make her death as quick as possible. I would hate to see the poor, innocent woman suffer too long.

Eleazar would later be informed of Carmen's death and in his deep sorrow, briefly forget his love for the rest of his family. Chelsea would then easily be able to strip away his ties to his beloved family and strengthen his ties to the Volturi, therefore ensuring that he remains where he belongs - in my guard. It would not matter if he became the apathetic, zombie-like person Marcus is today; I would give him plenty to do to distract him from his grief. He would be put to good use.

No one knew of my plans, just as no one had known of my plans to murder my beloved sister Didyme so long ago. This would go smoothly - I knew it in my heart.

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