I've been wondering a lot recently why exactly Bill Condon decided to have Irina at Edward and Bella's wedding in Breaking Dawn: Part 1. I'm guessing that it's because we've never seen Irina's character onscreen before so Bill wanted to introduce Irina's character to the small, small fraction of the Saga's audience who have not read the books.

BD still 3 (no irina!)

There's the rest of the Denalis (in the red circle-thingy, obviously), but no Irina.

Anywaaaay, when I watched the trailer yesterday (after I calmed my sh*t because the trailer was pure awesomesauce), I noticed that in all the parts where Irina was featured she looked extremely unhappy to be there. I guess she wanted to stay home in the movie version but the rest of her family dragged her out with them anyway. And then, at about 0:41, as Bella and Edward were leaving the Cullen house and getting rice thrown at them (I thought people don't do that anymore?), I noticed that Irina was not even there. As in, I saw the rest of the Denali coven, but no Irina. Mysterious...

So now I think I've kind of-sort of figured out how they're going to make the "Irina didn't show" plot of the book work in the movie. Irina will be there, of course, but she won't be happy and she'll be sort of on-edge. Something will happen (most likely during the reception) to set her off and make her pissed at the Cullens again. Maybe the Quileutes will make her mad, maybe seeing Bella alive will make her mad, IDK. But she'll get so angry that she'll leave the wedding early, thus giving her the motive to report the Cullens to the Volturi later on.

Unless she just isn't in that shot for no reason and I'm completely over-analyzing things.

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