If you've been around my profile, you know that I'm a huge fan of fanfics and the Denali Coven. So I finally have ideas for two fanfics having to do with them.

If you don't know what a fanfic is, it's a story written by fans of a story about characters in that story. I know, it sounds like Inception, but it makes sense if you think about it. Anyway, I'll start writing these two fanfics (when I get time) if some people comment at let me know if the plots sound interesting.

My first plot idea would be pairing Tanya, the leader of the Denalis, with Fred, a former member of the Seattle newborn army. If you didn't know already, Fred escaped the army just before they attacked and lost to the Cullens. So I figured that he would eventually make his way up to Alaska and meet a very lonely Tanya (since she's now the only member of her family without a mate). He would be interested in Tanya because she so easily ignores his gift (physical repulsion) to meet him. Her attraction eventually turns into… maybe I shouldn't give it away.

My second plot idea is… interesting. I recently bought and read the Official Guide, and I found out that the true reason why Aro so easily allowed Eleazar to leave the Volturi with Carmen was because he wanted to preserve Eleazar's gift (ability identification) for possible later use. I was thinking that maybe sometime in the future, Aro would call upon Eleazar to assist him in stopping a newborn army that the Romanian Coven and Egyptian Coven created together to finally overthrow the Volturi. Eleazar would refuse because he is strongly against harming his family's friends from the Egyptian Coven, Benjamin and Tia. Aro, being the power-hungry person he is, would feel that this is his excuse to finally get Eleazar back in his ranks and would stop at nothing to get him back, including making an attempt to kill the only person in his way of obtaining Eleazar… Carmen. *dun dun DUNNN*

So, what do you think of these? If no one likes them I won't waste my time writing them, so COMMENT!

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