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I Like Twilight.

Kousaju March 12, 2012 User blog:Kousaju
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I like Twilight so much I've written a lot of fanfics but too scared to load them on the internet. So I keep them to myself and read them whenever I read someone else's fanfic and always think, man their's is so much better than mine and I tend to erase them and realize I wasted a lot of time writing that. >..> My sister doesn't like Twilight but I do. Only I'm not into the Bella/Edward thing. I'm more Bella/Jacob, even though I don't like Bella that much. If I were to pick, I'd be on the wolve's side just because Wolve's are my favorite animals. I'm blabbing. I'm off to write another fanfic and read other's and then erase mine to write a better one than the one before. Thanks for reading and enojoy yourself! :3

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