Soo me is new here and dont know what the fuck im doing, so ill do whatever till i figure out what to do if i ever figure it out lol

So im at tafe atm and its so boring, im scared that i wont get my certificate because i havent really done my work cuz i dont have the info i need so im stuck with nothing

Exam block starts tomorrow and i have rec exam and i think bct, yes 2 hard exams

Rec: goes for an hour for 2 parts of theory and BCT: im not really sure. I havent really studied for both of them so im fucked, but hopefully i still pass because i really need to

I pass, i get a certificate for lifesaving, first aid and cert 2 in business but i gott pass next year in it

Fully stressing out over everything, had to get two friends back together cuz i couldnt handle hearing about what was going on so i had to find a way to get them back together and i everntually did, so that stress if off me, but then sport comes along on top and it aint going to good. I had spre acilis if thats how u spell it if it aint its the part behind your feet that connects with your ankles. Sport really takes it out of me when i have everything on my plate

My gf just stopped texting cuz her phone is about to die, so now my day is gonna get more boring.

I have cooking after lunch break and hopefully i have a long break cuz im over doing all the work and not really in the mood to ice any cakes today.

Last night people made me think about getting my lip pierced during the holidays. I really want to get it done but i aint really sure cuz my mum is a hormone and hates facial piercings and i dont really want her to hate me. I hate it the way she is, she doesnt let me do anything thats got nothing to do with her and idk why shes like that, but i seriously hate it and i cant talk to her about anything, cuz she had these tablets and there still in her system and the side effect is anger and now she gets angry really easy. I cant handle it, i just wanna move and give up on living now

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