• Kirstay Bands


    November 17, 2010 by Kirstay Bands

    Soo me is new here and dont know what the fuck im doing, so ill do whatever till i figure out what to do if i ever figure it out lol

    So im at tafe atm and its so boring, im scared that i wont get my certificate because i havent really done my work cuz i dont have the info i need so im stuck with nothing

    Exam block starts tomorrow and i have rec exam and i think bct, yes 2 hard exams

    Rec: goes for an hour for 2 parts of theory and BCT: im not really sure. I havent really studied for both of them so im fucked, but hopefully i still pass because i really need to

    I pass, i get a certificate for lifesaving, first aid and cert 2 in business but i gott pass next year in it

    Fully stressing out over everything, had to get two friends back together cuz i…

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