Ok, so as far as I can remember, here's what happened:

I went to go see Breaking Dawn. In the movie, a Meowth (you know, from Pokemon) got its hands on a cloaking device or a disguise or something. The Meowth planned on entering a college campus and steal something valuable in it. So he goes in to steal the valuable thing. But Edward sees through his cloaking device or disguise or...whatever, and tries to stop him. At blinding speed he runs after the Meowth. But then out of nowhere, Carlisle runs in and attacks Edward to stop him from harming the Meowth. They start fighting right in the middle of the court yard where everyone can see them, Edward saying stuff like "What are you doing?" while they fight. I noticed that the fight scene was pretty awesome, especially compared to Eclipse (film) fight scenes. But then...Edward sweeped Carlisle to the ground, had his foot ready, and STOMPED HIM IN THE NUTS!!!! Carlisle let out an earth shattering scream...and I woke up. O_o

I sat there for a good 10 minutes evaluating the dream I just had. Aside from the horrible horrible ending, I realized that ALL of the dream made absolutely no sense. Why was a Meowth in Breaking Dawn? Where'd it get that cloaking device? What was it trying to steal? Why's it at a college? Why's Edward at a college? Why would Edward care, doesn't he have other things to worry about (like Bella dying)? Why's Carlisle trying to stop Edward? Why are they fighting where everyone can see them, like being a vampire's no secret? And WHY OH WHY did Edward stomp Carlisle in the BALLS!!? Edward likes Carlisle right? He's his father right? Is there some kind of vampire rule for fighting that says hitting below the belt is okay?

I don't think I can look at Edward and Carlisle the same way again anymore. And it's not fair because it was a stupid stupid dream, but...whenever I look at Carlisle I'm gonna get all sad and feel sorry for him. And whenever I look at Edward I'm gonna imagine what an a**hole he is. I'm sorry, I just had to tell someone about this stupid dream before I forgot it. I forget dreams easily, but this one stuck... -_-;

ARGH!! Carlisle's scream!!! So TERRIBLE!!!

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