So a while ago I said that there was no Twilight video game and there never should be. The only way they can make a good Twilight game, is if the game was very unrelated to Twilight. Like a Twilight fighting game. It's a ridiculous idea because there isn't much fighting in Twilight, but it'd be awesome. Imagine Emmett doing a shoryuken, of course it'd never happen though. Well apparently there is a Twilight game, Scene It Twilight Edition for Wii and DS. I mean it isn't a real 'game' game, it's just Scene It. Now I love video games and Twilight, but there's no way in hell that I'd buy this game. First of all I'm too embarrassed to buy a Twilight product, and second of all the game is an embarrassment itself. I mean, the game ONLY covers the Twilight FILM. They ask questions that happened in the film and not the book. It also only covers Twilight, not the rest of the series. However, the main reason is because this game was pretty much made to appeal to the screaming fangirls who watch the movie everyday and drool over Edward posters on their wall. It's just too much for me. If anyone who didn't like Twilight played this game, they'd dislike it far more than they ever had...or they'd die. So if you're trying to convince someone that Twilight isn't as bad as everyone says, DO NOT let them play this game.

Carlisle says this to whoever's in 1st, "You sparkle like a diamond."

AAAAAAAH!!! And I thought "You better hold on tight spider monkey." was a terrible line.

Here's a video of it:

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