I'm not sure if people already know this, but I've yet to tell my friends that I like Twilight. When it comes to Twilight, I'm pretty damn embarrassed. I've never bought any of the books or DVDs because I'm to embarrassed to go into a store and even pick them up. The most daring thing I've done was buy 5 buttons at a convention. 2 of the buttons were Twilight related, one said "Team Jacob" the other "Team Anti Bella". And of course, I'd never wear those buttons in public (It especially doesn't help that the Team Jacob one has a heart on it. Ugh.).

Thing is, I really want to just get this whole liking of Twilight off my chest. I don't like being sneaky and hiding it from people. I don't like not being able to check out the latest goings on because my friends are around. And I don't like not owning a single Twilight product. But I'm just really afraid of what they'll think, because ALL of my friends HATE Twilight. They think it's the stupidest thing ever. So what will be their reaction to me, not only having experienced the series, but being a fan?

So far, only one of my friends knows for sure that I like Twilight. But this friend is a lot more understanding than my other friends, so he's okay with it. Plus, he also enjoys things that my other friends would consider stupid, like High School Musical, Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers and stuff like that. Another one of my friends only really suspects me of liking Twilight. He saw that I had some Twilight pictures on my laptop, gave me an accusing look, and jokingly said "Am I gonna have to hurt you?"

This is weird, because I've never been embarrassed for liking something before. If I like something, I like it and I don't hide it. Except for Twilight.

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