Ok, so if you've ever read my profile, you'll know that my 2 most hated characters are Bella and Edward, but mostly Bella. On Edward, I thought he was lame, creepy, emo, had no personality, boring, and yet he was apparently perfect in everyway. Ugh! As soon as I watched Twilight and Edward said "You're like my own personal brand of heroin." I knew that I was gonna hate this guy. And I did. HOWEVER! After reading Midnight Sun, I have a new opinion on Edward. I actually...kinda sorta like him...kinda sorta. See, I realized that I hated Edward because in the books, I was seeing him through Bella's eyes. And Bella always went on and on about how unbelievably perfect he was and it made me sick. He seemed very boring to me, but after reading the story through Edward's own eyes, I see now that he ISN'T perfect, not at all. His emotions and feelings are as imperfect as a human's. He's not all that boring either, his thoughts are far more interesting than Bella's. He still barely has a personality, but it's more of one than I thought he had. Reading Midnight Sun also made me realize something else, I HATE BELLA EVEN MORE NOW! God, I didn't think it was possible. Midnight Sun showed me that ANY character's POV is better than Bella's. I thought I would read Midnight Sun and have a terrible time reading through Edward's eyes, but it was pretty cool. So yeah, I don't hate Edward anymore, however he's still creepy, still kinda lame, pretty emo, barely has a personality. and even more of a stalker than I thought. But at least he's not boring and perfect anymore.

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