Bella e Jacob 1
Kay so. I was thinking, what if Jacob had confessed his love for Bella, but never forcibly kissed her? How would the story have turned out differently? Would it have turned out better for Jacob, worse, or would nothing have changed at all? The only thing I could come up with was: If he'd never kissed her, then Bella may not have suggested they kiss when Jacob said that he was going to kill himself. Bella may have denied it, but I'm pretty sure that force kiss triggered something in her. Maybe if they never kissed, Bella may not have felt so strongly about him when he found out she and Edward were getting married. Same thing for Jacob, he may not have felt so strongly and might not have run away. Thus, it's slightly possible that they may have never kissed and Bella may have never found out that she loved him. Or if I went to extremes, Jacob could have actually gotten killed in battle since he'd be fighting without a clear head (thinking about Bella and Edward getting married).

What do you guys think? And can I please have some thoughtful answers. Don't post anything like: "OF COURSE IT WAS BAD!! JACOB KISSING BELLA??? EWWW!! TEAM EDWARD!!!" None of that please.

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