I've noticed that not that many people are talking about Twilight that much anymore. When I first got into it, people had like 100 things to say everyday. Now, things are a bit slower. And it's not just on this site, but other sites too, like The Twilight Saga forums. That site was probably the place with the most community activity, but it's not buzzing all that much. Why do you think that is?

Personally, I think it might be because back when I was new to Twilight, the Eclipse film just came out and people were excited. I'm guessing the same might happen once Breaking Dawn Part 1 comes out. Though it kind of pisses me off that Twilight will pick up steam because of Breaking Dawn. >:(

I guess Twilight won't last forever, that's for sure. People will move on from it because honestly, Twilight isn't THAT good and maybe people will start noticing the major flaws. But the thing I like doing most when it comes to Twilight, is talking/debating about it. It's fun. None of my friends like Twilight, so I kinda rely on the internet. >_>

What do you guys think is the most active Twilight community?

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