There are a lot of things that I wanted to see in the Twilight Saga that never happened (I won't go through the list). But there's one thing that I wanted to see most, and that's an Edward and Jacob fight. Seriously, why didn't Meyer do this? They're the series' biggest rivals. Rivals are suppose to fight each other at least once. Well anyway, if they did fight, who do you think would've won?

Of course, I'm all for Jacob, so I say Jacob would win. :) But I'm not gonna say that he'd totally own Edward and beat him to the ground. It would be a VERY VERY close fight, something I'd love to see. Edward's got the upperhand in mind reading and MAYBE speed, while Jacob's got the upperhand in overall strength. I said that Edward might have the upperhand in speed but might not, because although he's the fastest Cullen, werewolves are faster than vampires in general, and it's not like Jacob's slow at all. Now as for the mind reading, yeah that could be a problem for Jacob. However, I was thinking that maybe Jacob could act on instincts alone and not think to hard about his strategies. He would simply attack Edward based on what his instincts tell him and Edward wouldn't be able to make them out so well. On the other hand, he'd be acting on instincts and not so much strategy, so that's also a disadvantage. If Jacob did manage to get his on Edward, Jacob would probably over power him. So for Edward, it's a matter of staying away and making sure Jake doesn't catch him, because if he does, he can kiss his head goodbye.

That's what I think. It would've been so awesome.

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