The college I go to has free friday movie nights and last friday's showing was Eclipse. I decided to go, even though it was embarrassing. I'm just glad that no one I knew saw me. *phew* Anyway, I went and the usual happened. Girls going "aww" at the Edward and Bella scenes, girls going "wooo" whenever Jacob had his shirt off, girls going "yaay" when Edward proposed to Bella, girls going "AH" during the fight scenes, and applause at the end. But at the end of the movie, I walked out and realized that...I was...sad. I didn't get why I was so sad. I just felt like going back to my dorm, put my head on my desk, and mope. I tried thinking of why, and I came up with a decent conclusion, I think it was because I didn't like watching Jacob try and try and lose in the end. It doesn't really make sense though, I've seen this movie 6 times (don't ask how) and I never felt sad about it until this time. I knew what was going to happen. Then I thought that maybe it has something to do with the rejection scene. That scene in the film was terrible compared to the book. In the book that scene was pretty sweet because Bella let out all her feelings for Jacob. In the movie, Bella was bascially like "I'm choosing Edward, sorry, bye." So maybe the fact that Jacob tried so hard and all he got was that, kind of upset me, plus no epilogue. I also made note of all the times that Jacob's Theme played in the background, and that song is freaking sad itself. Then again, it's not like I hadn't paid attention to those things the last few times I watched, so why now did it make me so sad? Maybe because I was in a crowd? I don't know. I actually feel like reading Eclipse again and see how I feel after reading that. Will I feel sad again?

Has anyone else felt this way or something similar when watching/reading Twilight?

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