When the Twilight film came out, the media was focusing most of it's attention on Edward, vampires, Edward, the whole Edward and Bella relationship, and more Edward. Twilight was known for it's love story about a girl and this vampire pretty boy who sparkles. During the hype of New Moon and Eclipse, the media was allll about Team Edward and Team Jacob, but especially Jacob during New Moon's release. It was all about those two guys, Twilight was about this love triangle and fans were at war over which guy was better. And to this moment, it's still portrayed in that way. do you think the series will be portrayed once Breaking Dawn is released? I don't think it'll be all about Edward and Bella like it use to be, because Jacob is still there along with a wide variety of other characters. But the whole Team Edward and Team Jacob thing wouldn't be there anymore because Bella's already made her choice, the love triangle is gone. Edward's already married Bella and Jacob's become a ped.....iatrician... yeah. Actually, how do you think Jacob imprinting on Nessie will affect the fans and portrayal of Jacob himself? I hate to admit it, but a lot of Jacob fans are only fans because of how he is in the films and a lot of Twilight fans ONLY watched the films and haven't read the books. Do you think they'll still remain loyal fans once Jacob starts spending most of his time cooing and making googly eyes over a vampire baby...who he will one day be with romantically? Also, how will BD affect Bella in media? Bella is known as the weak HUMAN target of two guy's affection who you're suppose to relate with. Her becoming a vampire really throws that aspect out the window especially when she's a mother as well.

I'm personally dreading the day Breaking Dawn Part I comes out. I'm still going to go see it though, because I feel like I have to or my curiosity will eat me alive. But I'm really really afraid of what I'll see and what everyone else will think...because I know it won't be good. Then again, if it IS good, that would also scare me. Well, maybe I'm being too negative (doubt it), how do you think the Twilight Saga will be viewed once BD is released?