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    6 [1] [2] Jacob/Alice ~ All to Myself intro 0:17 Feb 27, 2010 59

    [3]Jacob/Alice ~ All to Myself intro And here is Sony Vegas video number three!! I've really been cracking down on videos lately because I only have about two weeks left of my Sony Vegas free trial. [I need to hunt down a keygen lol] So, here's a nifty little intro I'm going to start using at the beginning of my videos and the stars of this awesome intro is my favorite non-canon couple from the Twilight series; Jacob Black and Alice Cullen!! :D Time: An hour [A NEW RECORD!! haha] Song: All to Myself By: Mariannas Trench Subject: Twilight/New Moon Program: Sony Vegas 9.0 I honestly think one of my favorite parts of this intro are the moving words at the beginning. XD


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    Evening Stars » by Phoenix62083 reviews 10 years after Breaking Dawn: Nessy's married to Jacob, the Cullens need to move, and the Volturi have a new plan to aquire the abilities they desire from the Cullens. New abilities present themselves, but will they be enough to save the Cullens?CHECK IT OUT, U'LL LUV IT!

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    Twilight Fanfic time. This is the way I wish Breaking Dawn had turned out. Breaking Dawn spoilers. I own absolutely nothing. If you like Renesmee don't read this.


    Jacob Black sat on his black, leather couch, his arm propped up on the back of it. His fingers tapped impatiently, and the leather made a rap tap tap sound. He rested his feet gingerly on the coffee table before him and flipped the channel to an uninteresting baseball game. "Home run, Giants!" the announcer yelled in triumphance, but Jake paid no mind to it. In the back of his mind, he wondered when she would be getting home. As soon as he let the thought enter his mind, the door opened swiftly, the door hitting the wall with a little thud.

    "Honey, I'm home…

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    DANCES WITH WEREWOLVES "James Bond?" Jacob asked, holding up the DVD closest to him.

    Bella snorted and raised an eyebrow. "James Bond? We get like two visits a month, tops and you want to watch James Bond?"

    "You were the one who suggested we watch a movie" Jacob pointed out, defending himself.

    "I meant a good movie" Bella retorted, easily falling back into the old rapport that she and Jacob had shared during those bleak months without Edward. Quill used to say that they bickered like an old married couple. The thought made her smile, then frown, then shiver, and then grow incredibly sad. When had things gotten so complicated? Bella thought back to Edward's carefree laugh that first time in the meadow, and to Jake and Embry horsing around in …

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    Disclaimer: Okay, this is Twilight, but it is all from Jacob's perspective. Hope you enjoy, and if it's crap, then tell me to stop writing it.

    Sunrise. Twilight in Jacob's p.o.v

    First Sight

    School, boring. Friends, umm, we'll leave that for later. First sight at school, can't say that it won't be memorable. But what I could say is that I go to school in the reservation, my friends were the weirdest, greatest guys, and my dad was a superstitious freak, babbling on about the Cullen's being vampires. You think your life's weird?

    Everyone knows that I'm the average teenager. Got good marks, and dad and I were okay with money. My mum died a bit back, and it was still weird with her not around. But that's where my friends, Quil and Embry come in. Ne…

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