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  • I live in England
  • I was born on February 11
  • My occupation is hunger games fan, twilight fan, Harry Potter fan.
  • I am female
  • KeepCalmAndBeAwesome

    Hey! This blog is about the best moments of the twilight saga to me. I will also add a bit at the bottom for other people's best moments so you can comment them and I'll add them in!

    Bella meeting the Cullen's. 

    The baseball game.

    Seeing James, Laurent and Victoria for the first time.

    The ballet studio fight. 

    Bella's Birthday party.

    Seeing the wolves in wolf form.

    The cliff diving.

    Going to Volterra.

    Meeting the Volturi.

    The fight between Felix and Edward.

    Seeing Riley being transformed.  

    The ravine chase.

    Getting to see what the newborn army are up to.

    Getting glimpses of the Volturi.

    Seeing Rosalie's past.

    The fight training scene.

    Seeing Jasper's past.

    The newborn army fight.

    The Riley, Victoria, Edward, Seth fight. 

    The Volturi confruntation. 

    The weddin…

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