• KayleaLovesRobertPattinson

    Which whould you choose?

    Human (Bella Swan/Cullen), Vampire (Edward Cullen), Shape-shifter (Jacob Black) or Half-mortal (Renesmee Cullen).

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  • KayleaLovesRobertPattinson


    October 16, 2009 by KayleaLovesRobertPattinson

    Everybody says they love actors/actress' but they don't know them for who they are. We only know who they portray. We love the charaters, and the chatacters don't exist in the real world. Real Love is much more powerful, but we can't know this until we experience it. Real Love can not be toyed with. It can be asumed. There are billions of people in the world but only one is for each of us. I believe Real love is out there, we just have to search.

    By Kaylea Grylls.

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