• KayleaIsAwesome
    Hey, this is the first chapter of my first book.
    1. Hell's Kitchen

    I woke-up with a start; sunshine was hitting my face. I stretched my arms over my head and pulled my blanket over my face. My window faces east, so whenever I don't close my curtains, I can always see the sun in the morning. Didn't I close my curtains last night? I swear I did.
    I have long, dark brown hair with blonde highlights, brown eyes, tanned skin, long eyelashes, shaped eyebrows and a hour-glass figure...But I hate my butt-it's to big, not everyone sees it that way though.
    Today is the first day of summer, and I just graduated from my old school, Okehampton College-I'm not going to the college, I just went to the secondary school. I am picking Performing Arts at college-…

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